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Summer Deals 2024
Valid till 31st Aug 24

Cat – Paw Essentials Package

Cat paw essential services are crucial for maintaining a cat's overall health and comfort. These services include regular nail trimming, which prevents overgrown nails that can cause pain or injury. Paw inspections are also vital, as they help detect issues like cuts, infections, or foreign objects lodged between the toes. Additionally, proper paw hygiene is essential, especially for indoor cats, to keep their paws clean and free from litter or other debris. For outdoor cats, checking for ticks and other parasites is necessary. By ensuring regular paw care, cat owners can prevent potential health problems and keep their feline friends happy and active.

Before AED 1046.50

Now AED 310 +VAT


  • Free consultation
  • Complementary basic services (Ear cleaning/Anal glands expressions/Nail trim)
  • Vaccination including Rabies with FVRCP
  • Microchipping & Passport
  • Municipality tag
  • Dewormin

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